Angus & Julia Stone Check Into 'Chateau':
Exclusive Video Premiere

"Directed by Jessie Hill, the cinematic clip follows two young rebels as they embark on a journey through Mexico City... "
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Jarryd James' Scandalous Video for Broods-Assisted '1000x': Exclusive Premiere

Director Jessie Hill and DP Vance Burberry, who both worked on Broods’ video for “Free,” took the shoot to New Orleans to film, providing some antebellum textures to the video, like a boarded-up, whitewashed church and old Southern antique furniture.
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A Video Debut from Rick Rubin’s New Protégés,
Angus and Julia Stone
 “The director (Jesse Hill) went around to clubs and bars in L.A. and approached young adults and said, “Do you want to come to a video shoot?” ...” 
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Watch Chris Cornell
Survive Wild West
 Hanging in New Video

"Jessie Hill's stylish, twist-filled love tale is set in the Wild West, following the rock veteran from his jail cell to the gallows, as he belts heartbroken lyrics ..." 
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Premiere: Angus And Julia Stone Go Pulp Fiction In Their New Video For “Heart Beats Slow”
"...motorbikes and zero fucks to give as they go on a poorly planned heist rampage, was directed by Jessie Hill and shot on location on the streets of Los Angeles..."
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